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Natalie Bouchard, Paramount Pictures
Class of 2016

With my lifelong passion for film and my knowledge of business management and marketing, it was a goal of mine to combine these two aspects of my life and begin a career in the business side of film. After a few attempts, and with timing in my favor, I landed an internship at Paramount Pictures in the digital publicity department during my last semester at Cal State Fullerton. I was offered an assistant position a few days before my internship ended and began to work full-time just two weeks later. I am now working in National Publicity where it is my job to support a team of six and coordinate the publicity campaigns for half of Paramount's films. Simply put, I am the point of contact for filmmakers and talent reps during publicity and awards campaigns to secure interviews and I am also responsible for coordinating press screenings, sending press blasts, maintaining all team documents, creating talent and filmmaker schedules, negotiating and securing hair & makeup and security costs, etc.


I am incredibly thankful for the community and experiences Business Honors has given me. I don't think I would be where I am today if I had not have the opportunity to learn and work in such an intimate class setting; it allowed me to learn and understand my work style and collaborate with like-minded people who were incredibly supportive of my academic goals and achievements. My favorite experiences of college overall were the study abroad program with BH as well as my senior capstone class with Bizzi, and I could not be more thankful for those memories. It is two years post-graduation that I also realize that BH helped me define what I look for in a career, the type of environment and people I work best with, and the kind of work that is most fulfilling for me on a personal level, which is incredibly important to understand. My advice to current BH students is to enjoy and take advantage of all of the opportunities BH gives you and to value the friendships you make because your support of one another will help you succeed.

Matt Olson, Deloitte Consulting
Class of 2016

I started my career at EY's Orange County office doing financial statement audits. Now, I work for Deloitte’s LA office doing financial accounting advisory. My journey through business honors at CSUF gave me tangible skills (I.e. writing and presenting) as well as the intangibles (I.e. networking and competition). I'm proud to be a Titan in such a competitive work place and I look forward to seeing the business honors group defy odds against the traditional business schools which have traditionally dominated competitive employment opportunities. As I continue on in my career, I continually remind myself where I came from and am grateful for my family and friends which supported me since my childhood. I am nothing but thankful for the opportunities God has led me to including my time at Business Honors.

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Kiana Sakamoto, Directors’ Guild of America
Class of 2017

Hello! My name is Kiana Sakamoto. I currently work at the Directors Guild of America, which represents 17,500 of the country's finest movie directors. Previously, I worked in the International Marketing Department for Lionsgate. I entered the Business Honors Program during my sophomore year of college. Of course, Business Honors has a bunch of academic perks: the smaller class sizes, selected professors, and priority class registration. But I would say the biggest perk of the Business Honors program is meeting making lifelong friendships. I know, it’s super cheesy for me to say, but to this day, I would say some of the best friendships I ever made in college were a result of being in the Honors program. From spending late nights in group study sessions to traveling the world with one of the friends I made in BH, Business Honors made my college experience feel more like an adventure than just a day of going to class.

In college, I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do, but being in Business Honors gave me the resources I needed to discover different avenues of my interests. As a Marketing major, I thought I’d like to work in Hollywood since it’s one of the few industries that exploits creativity. I was lucky to have my first internship at FOX Broadcasting Studios where my education in Business Honors was highly valued and my creative side could be tested.

Although my first two years of post-grad life have been filled with uncertainty due to the changing landscape of Hollywood, I know I can always lean on my Business Honors family for guidance, friendship, and support. As with anything in life, Business Honors is what you make of it. As for me, BH became the center of my college experience and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. 

Sohail Tehrani, Boeing
Class of 2016

Hello! My name is Sohail Tehrani and I am currently an employee of The Boeing Company working in Financial Planning & Analysis. I graduated from CSUF in 2016 and was fortunate enough to not only be a member of the Business Honors program, but to also serve as the program’s President during the 2015-2016 Academic term. I am just going to be as straight forward as possible here, the opportunities that will be accessible to you, the experiences you will have, and the connections you will make as a member of the Business Honors program will be invaluable to you not only during your time at CSUF, but also for years to come after you graduate. How I am so absolutely sure of this? I experienced it firsthand, and I will wholeheartedly say that my participation in the Business Honors program directly contributed to me securing a position in a prestigious leadership development program at the world’s largest aerospace firm. So whether it’s for your own development as an individual and leader, or for the unique opportunities that will be available to you, or even just for the sense of community and the friendships you’ll form, I implore you to apply to be a member of the Business Honors program; I am just one of the countless success stories that has come and are yet to come from this great program

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Crystal Turner.png
Crystal Turner, Walt Disney Company
Class of 2013

I started the business honors program right when I graduated high school. My class of 2013 was the first one to begin the business honors program as a freshman and go through it for all four years. I'm extremely grateful that I completed not only the business honors program but also the university honors program. It gave me a wide range of class options and a diverse set of skills that I was able to use as a launching pad for the path I wanted my life to go down. Upon graduation, I worked for a about four years in marketing and business compliance at which point I decided to get my masters. The skills I learned from Cal State Fullerton and the business honors program jump-started me into a one year accelerated Master's program at Pepperdine. I now am working at Disney as a team manager in the consumer insights field and could not be happier. At the age of 19 I never imagined those years of hard work would land me in a dream career, but I'm very happy to report that they did.

Gabriella Vallejo, Ernst & Young (EY)
Class of 2016

During my four years in the Business Honors Program, I was able to experience personal, academic and professional growth. Being surrounded by like-minded individuals not only created a comfortable learning environment, but it also allowed me to develop a network that would support me throughout my collegiate education and further me in my future profession. The Business Honors Program provided me the resources and connections necessary to make available those opportunities that would be the beginning of my professional career. After having the opportunity to intern for two summers at Ernst & Young, I began my full-time employment at the firm in the fall of 2017 in the audit practice. Throughout my first two years, I was still supported by former classmates and faculty from the Business Honors Program to help me succeed at the firm. Now as a Senior, I primarily serve clients in the Real Estate Industry out of our Orange County office. Since starting at the firm, I have enjoyed being involved in recruiting as it allows me an opportunity to connect with students in the Business Honors Program and see how much the program has grown.

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Thomas Lopez, Flexport
Class of 2021

Thomas Lopez graduated from CSUF in Spring 2021 and was part of the Business Honors program for all 4 years. He was previously was an Area Manager at Amazon’s largest robotic fulfillment center in the Inland Empire (LGB3) and now works for Flexport as a Supply Chain Operations Specialist. At Flexport his role is to seamlessly coordinate the day-to-day supply operations with Air, LCL, Transload, Trucking, and Warehouse activities within a region by working with internal and external stakeholders and customers. He is responsible for executing the end-to-end movement of shipments within a regional network including both Air and LCL imports and exports. Lastly, he use metrics to spot opportunities to improve and deliver great performance, including data quality and shipment milestone timeliness.

Josephine Ngo, CEO Coaching International
Class of 2020

Throughout my time at CSUF, I was able to really get involved in different programs and clubs where I took on leadership positions. Through those, I was able to grow my network and learn through different experiences. Each of these, including BH, hold a special place in my heart, as they helped shape me into who I am today. Although the pandemic changed my plans, I graduated with the 2020 class and completed a graduate certification in HR Management. From there, I joined CEO Coaching International as an Operations Associate where I help run our vendor relationships, spearhead all HR cases, and help with projects in different departments. Our company is growing, and it's been an amazing experience being a part of it. As I look back, CSUF & BH helped me jumpstart my career and I will always be grateful. I'm very excited to continue honing my skills as a business professional and growing to make a difference.

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Laura Romine, MBA Candidate at Harvard Business School
Class of 2017

After graduating from CSUF, I worked in product strategy at PIMCO covering credit and climate/ESG portfolios for four years. I am currently a first-year MBA at Harvard Business School and recently interned at urban-x, a tech venture accelerator focused on future of cities and mobility. For summer 2022, I will be interning at TCW on their ESG research. So many! Meeting new colleagues, all the team bonding activities, studying abroad in Europe, just hanging out in the BH room, and even now hosting brunches and beach days with the lifelong friends I made in Business Honors. team.

Luc Ceci, Wealth Management Industry
Class of 2017

During my time in Business Honors I interned with a life insurance company. I was offered a full time job and worked there for several years after college. I earned by certified financial planner (CFP ®) designation and then joined Mercer Advisors where I work today. My favorite moments within the Business Honors program would be playing in the business honors band, making new friends, and Bizzi's management class!

Mercer headshot - Luc Ceci.jpeg
Michael Chacon, GAO
Class of 2016

I was always interested in using my accounting and finance degree in the federal government and was initially planning on going into the FBI after graduation. During my junior year, I interned with GAO in their financial management and assurance office. After graduation, I received an offer to work at EY in their assurance services where I worked for two years until I left to work for GAO. At GAO I have been apart of the IRS, CFPB, and TARP audit teams. Also, without a doubt, the study abroad program in Europe was my favorite moment. A close second, was organizing and leading a winter trip up to Big Bear

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