Business Honors students are part of a select group of high-achieving students in CSUF's Mihaylo College of Business and Economics devoted to excellence in an exceptional educational program.


Annual scholarships awarded up to $1500 are available at the start of the Sophomore, Junior, and Senior year for continuing Mihaylo Business Honors students who meet academic and participation requirements. 


Priority scheduling and a structured 'roadmap' of undergraduate classes guarantees access to required courses and ensures graduation in four years.


Smaller class sizes create a dynamic and supportive environment for a deeper understanding of concepts and issues likely to face future business professionals.


Networking is fostered through students attending core courses as a 'cohort' to build strong friendships that will last long after graduation and students are granted priority access to an Executive Council of business professionals though the Mihaylo Mentoring Program and dedicated professional workshops with CEO and business owner panelists.


Career Elevation. Business Honors alumni have gone on to work for PwC, Deloitte LLP,  Ernst & Young, J.D. Power and multinational corporations such as Boeing and the Walt Disney Company. High ranking Orange County employers regularly seek out Mihaylo Business Honors students as the preferred choice for internships, mentoring and job placement.

*Students are eligible to receive scholarships after completion of one full academic year in the program including active participation. A student must remain in program entire academic year and maintain GPA threshold by the end of the spring semester to remain eligible. Scholarships are dispersed in the fall following the previous academic year of completion.


*In the event of insufficient funds, scholarships will be restricted to those with 3.5 or greater GPA.


Business Honors Program students are eligible to earn annual scholarships provided the requisite GPA and all program requirements are met.

The Business Honors Program also holds an annual Awards Banquet where students who demonstrate academic excellence, leadership skills, community involvement, and outstanding performance are recognized with additional gifts, certificates of achievement and perpetual engraved plates in our Business Honors Center (SGMH 2401).

Annual Scholarships

  • Sophomores: $500

  • Juniors: $1,000

  • Seniors: $1,500


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