Laurence Chau
Community Outreach

The Community Outreach team’s goal is to foster and uplift communities through the engagement of Business Honors members. Here, we will encourage discussions about the actions we can take to generate positive change around us. By hosting collaborative events, we empower Business Honor members to become leaders in their unique ways. All of us have different envisions of change and it is our job to be proactive in guiding and supporting them. 


I joined the Business Honors Program because of the community and resources that it provides to students. Especially since I commute, being given access to the Business Honors room allows me to make new friends and acts as a motivating factor by surrounding myself with talented and driven people. In addition, the program has many events throughout the year including Fall and Spring Retreat, professional development events, and community service events. In other words, plenty of time for having fun while building your career! All these components make up the Business Honors experience which is why I love it so much!