The Business Honors Program at California State University, Fullerton is designed to develop all the skills and attributes needed to excel in today's global business environment. To achieve this mission, the Business Honors students broaden their collegiate experience by participating in leadership development, community service, and academic enrichment opportunities.


Fall 2019


BH students attended their 2nd annual time at the Heritage Day Festival and Parade. They hosted a Business Honors booth and assisted in festival activities while trying to stay dry in the rain. They had a blast!

"This is my second time volunteering at this event. At the Heritage Parade, the volunteers help run the kids' booth. Not only do I get to see kids have fun, but a community of families spending time together and enjoying themselves. Helping out the city of Placentia and bonding with my friend was a great way to spend my Saturday evening and I will definitely do it again next year!" - Jennifer La, Class of 2021

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Fall 2018

BH students attended Mary's Kitchen to give a helping hand by washing dishes, cutting ingredients, and serving people with delicious meals of food.

"It was such a fulfilling experience giving back to our community at one of the largest events of the year. We had a chance to interact with local business owners and kids throughout our time there. Opportunities like this help us to develop our leadership skills and allow us to realize the importance of giving back." - Haley Hunt, Class of 2020


Writing History

Spring 2021

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The Smithsonian Writing History Event engaged Business Honor students to collaborate and decode old historical documents. These documents included state deeds and grants, military letters, and other interesting writings. Deciphering the words written in cursive was challenging yet thrilling because everyone had a different interpretation of the text. There were plenty of debates regarding which word would be the best fit, but we used context clues to help us. This event was terrific at serving a dual purpose as a form of team building and transcribing old text for the public to view.

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