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Maya Kurian

Hello! I am an Accounting Major with a Marketing Minor and I joined BH my freshman year. Apart from BH, I am also a Presidential Scholar, a student assistant in the CSUF Academic Advising Center, and a campus ambassador with Deloitte. I will be starting at Deloitte as a full time Audit Associate in Fall 2022 after I graduate. This accomplishment is due in great part to BH and the access to top tier companies and experiences. That and the super supportive community of fellow students are my favorite parts of BH. We take our core business classes together as a cohort and that has brought me great success as a student and a big group of friends. I am very excited to be leading the Analytics team this year. Our goal is to gather and present information about BH programs at other institutions and our own CSUF BH program to see where we are excelling and where we can improve.

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