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Dr. Lorenzo Bizzi

I am the director of the Business Honors program and I am very proud to lead the group of the most talented business students here at CSUF.


My main goal is to ensure that our students find placement in the top organizations in California and in the USA, to reinforce the reputation of CSUF as a premier university which can compete against any top American school when it comes to the success of its best students. In order to do that, my activities are focused on attracting, developing and retaining the best students in the program, giving them the best skillset and education they can possibly get and delighting them with a memorable experience they will remember forever.


I joined the Business Honors program because I think it is the best initiative our college has ever developed and it is my firm motivation to make it stronger every year. What I love about our program is the energy, passion, motivation, dedication and enthusiasm of our students, who are not only academically stellar, but are also demonstrating extraordinary leadership skills. I believe this is just the beginning of our growth and the Business Honors program will become a recognized powerhouse of talents that every top employer will look for to hire a new class of managers that will lead the state and the nation.

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