Will the classes I take abroad count toward my degree?

Before you leave, you will meet with your academic administrators to ensure courses and credits will transfer back to Cal State Fullerton. Grades earned abroad are posted to your transcript and calculated in your GPA.

Where will I live?

For Winter 2020 Study Abroad with BH Program, hotels selected by the program provider, WorldStrides ISA, will be accommodated with two rooms for 14 nights.

What are the eligibility requirements?

Student must have completed Economics 201, in good academic standing, a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.25 is strongly recommended, valid passport and visa, and completed online program application.

How can I speak with a student who has studied abroad?

Call or stop by the campus Study Abroad office, and one of the advisors will be happy to set you up with a former study abroad student who can answer any questions you might have about their experiences abroad.

How much will the Study Abroad Program be?

For Winter 2020, the cost would estimately be around $4,353.61, in which $1,128.61 would be CSUF Tuition and Fees (Winter 2020), $2,520.00 for the program costs, $560.00 for meals, and $145 for passport fee.

Can I use financial aid to study abroad?

There are many opportunities for CSUF students to study abroad and continue to receive financial aid. Please visit CSUF Study Abroad Page for more information. *Business Honors Students may also qualify for an Executive Council Scholarship. For more information, please inquire with Dr. Bizzi.

Who can I contact if I have more questions in regards to the Study Abroad Program?

For program & course-related questions, please contact Dr. Lorenzo Bizzi - lbizzi@Fullerton.edu For Programming-related questions (e.g. payments, enrollment, etc.) contact Abigail Segura, Study Abroad Program Coordinator - absegura@fullerton.edu Schedule a 30-minute, in-person appointment or drop in for a 15-minute walk-in advising session!