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Alisa Virasith
Internal Engagement

Business Honors is an amazing program that spotlights its students and encourages us to reach higher. I joined BH to meet other high-achieving students and to push myself further on my path for success.

One of my favorite things about BH is that everyone is so welcoming and supportive regardless of your interests and concentration. Everyone has their own uniqueness, yet they still maintain strong connections with one another. 

The role of Internal Engagement in BH is to build a community for our students. We focus on creating events with innovative ideas like socials and retreats to provide a bonding space. Fostering such relationships will lead to a stronger program and build stronger connections within our program. 

Our team is focused on rekindling the bonds between our students especially after the period of virtual learning. We want our students to feel welcomed and comfortable in the program as well as with each other. Additionally, we all want to create fun events for our students to socialize and connect with one another.

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