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Dr. Lorenzo Bizzi

I am the director of the Business Honors program and I am very proud to lead the group of the most talented business students here at CSUF. My main goal is to ensure that our students find placement in the top organizations in California and in the USA, to reinforce the reputation of CSUF as a premier university which can compete against any top American school when it comes to the success of its best students. In order to do that, my activities are focused on attracting, developing and retaining the best students in the program, giving them the best skillset and education they can possibly get and delighting them with a memorable experience they will remember forever. I joined the Business Honors program because I think it is the best initiative our college has ever developed and it is my firm motivation to make it stronger every year. What I love about our program is the energy, passion, motivation, dedication and enthusiasm of our students, who are not only academically stellar, but are also demonstrating extraordinary leadership skills. I believe this is just the beginning of our growth and the Business Honors program will become a recognized powerhouse of talents that every top employer will look for to hire a new class of managers that will lead the state and the nation.

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Karissa Dole
President of Public Relations

I currently serve as the Vice President of Public Relations for Business Honors. In my position as Vice President, I oversee the three marketing teams: Media, Website, and Outreach. My goal this year is to increase the visibility of the BH Program across the community and state. I joined the Business Honors Program because of the passionate, driven, and supportive community that this program has. Every day, I am inspired by my peers to dream bigger and work harder towards my aspirations. The BHP has given me a family that will always look out for me and help me to achieve my goals. I truly believe that I finally found a group of people who share the same drive that I have to do great things.

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Audrey Chau
President of Engagement

Hi everyone! My name is Audrey Chau, this academic year's Vice President of Engagement. I am currently a senior majoring in Marketing looking to support the STEM industry in anyway I can. 

As a freshman, I joined Business Honors looking for a program to push me academically and guide me in my future endeavors. After joining I found that the program exceeded my expectations and even gave me a loving group of people to call a family. 

With the pleasure of holding the position of Vice President of Engagement, I manage the Internal Engagement, Special Events & Wellness, and Community Service project teams. Overall the Engagement teams foster connections throughout the program and community by hosting/attending meaningful events. Our goals for this year is to rejuvenate social bonding, further the program's relationship with the community, and make this a memorable year for everyone.

Saleem Haider
President of Student Affairs

As the Vice President of Student Affairs for the Business Honors Program, I collaborate with the program director and the other Vice Presidents to set the strategic vision and goals for the program. In addition to this, I oversee the team's professional development, recruitment, and analytics team. My goal is to ensure the program continues to grow and I aim to prepare members for job opportunities. I joined Business Honors at first to find a community within CSUF that was specialized in my major. Moving forward, it provided me the opportunities to connect to my job and my closest friends, which I could never be thankful for enough.

Phoebe Sakhrani
Media Marketing

Hi! My name is Phoebe Sakhrani, I'm currently a second year BH student and am planning to concentrate in Marketing. My current position is the Executive Director of Media Marketing and I am excited and thankful to have this opportunity. I joined BH because of the community I saw in it. For me, going into college I wanted a support system that would both strengthen and challenge me, BH was exactly that. In Media Marketing, our job is to display that community and strength through our social media platforms! We work to upload all types of content that spotlight our students as well as give insight to the program itself. This year, we aim to further solidify BH's brand and increase our online presence.

Britney Cundiff
Website Marketing

Hi! My name is Britney Cundiff and I’m this year’s Executive Director of Website Marketing. I joined BH because I wanted to be a part of a community that is always there for each other. This is my third year in BH and it's safe to say that this program is exactly what I was hoping for when entering college. My favorite part about being in BH is getting to work with amazing, talented, and hard-working people. It is my team’s job to work on the website you are on right now! On top of our team updating and designing the website, our team also researches ways to improve the website. Our goal for this year is to make the website more engaging and convenient for both students and guests. We want the website to reflect how awesome our program is!

Mendoza, Alexandra.jpg
Alexandra (Alex) Mendoza
Community Service

Business Honors has always been that guide for me to network with people across multiple career paths. The program has been challenging and intellectually stimulating with each day being different than the last. I am a big believer in being adaptable and embracing change, and this program gives me consistent practice to prepare for the real world. My Community Service team engages students and encourages them to give back to the community. This ensures a connection to both the program and its values, aiming to produce student graduates with a well-rounded and engaged mindset. Our team wishes to foster multiple impactful community service events that highlight the dedication and prestige of the program and its students.

Jonathan Sanchez
Professional Development

Hi, my name is Jonathan Sanchez, a third year in the Business Honors program. I previously was also the Executive Director of Recruitment and this year will be stepping into the role of Executive Director of Professional Development. One of the main reasons why I joined BH is due to the amazing people in the program. The program has helped me grow into the person I am today and continue to develop for the better. The people I've met and continue to interact with is defiantly my favorite part of the program. 

As Executive Director of Professional Development (PD), the group will be working towards establishing and building a confidence related to business acumen for the students in BH. It is my personal goal that 100% of the program is knowledgeable about the internships and post career opportunities in their area of study. PD will be hosting several events with recruiters in top companies across several different industries, alongside hosting several workshops throughout the year answering student’s direct questions as they relate to recruiting, networking, and their own careers.

Ochoa, Isabel.jpg
Isabel Ochoa

Hello, my name is Isabel Ochoa and I am the Executive Director of Recruitment. I am a junior majoring in human resources while minoring in criminal justice. I one day aspire to work with a government agency to recruit, train, and vet talented young people. This year Recruitment strives to bring back the personal touch that was lost during the virtual era of COVID and connect with new, prospective students. We want to put our best foot forward, and get to know every student because they are more than their resume.  My team and I will put our utmost effort into aiding our program to grow bigger and better than ever!

Betancourt, Samuel.jpg.jpeg
Samuel Betancourt 

My name is Samuel Betancourt and I am a third-year management concentration. As the Executive Director of Outreach, I oversee a wonderful group of 11 Business Honors students who strive to promote the Business Honors Program’s reputation and prestige throughout the CSUF community, SoCal, and our alumni and company networks. My team does so by planning, preparing, and executing internal, college-wide, and pop-up events as well as engaging our community and region’s media outlets and alumni network. 
I joined the Business Honors Program to learn and grow academically and professionally alongside a passionate group of students. My favorite aspect of Business Honors is the cohort system which has allowed us to build a solid support system that loves to see each other succeed. The Business Honors Program has pushed me to become a better version of myself and has become a second family to me. I am honored to be a part of such an amazing program and I am excited for the year to come. 

Connor Joe
Special Events & Wellness

Hello! My name is Connor Joe, and I am currently heading into my 4th year in the Business Honors Program and this year’s Executive Director of Special Events & Wellness. The Special Events & Wellness Team oversees planning events such as the Winter Gala in Fall and the end-of-year Banquet in Spring. Additionally, this team puts events together during the semesters related to wellness and activities that intermingle all the cohorts. My plan this year is to have a smooth transition back to in-person activities while also cultivating a fun and safe environment for everyone.

When initially applying for colleges, I wanted to see what type of opportunities the programs offered to their business undergraduates. I was immediately attracted to BH not only to their alumni success but to the various advantages BH students receive, such as scholarships, priority registration, smaller class sizes, etc. Although BH has helped me excel scholarly, my favorite thing about BH is the people in it. I have met so many new people who I consider my closest friends! There is always someone in the program with similar interests as you and is always willing to help, which is why I think the program fosters a great sense of community.

Alisa Virasith
Internal Engagement

Business Honors is an amazing program that spotlights its students and encourages us to reach higher. I joined BH to meet other high-achieving students and to push myself further on my path for success.

One of my favorite things about BH is that everyone is so welcoming and supportive regardless of your interests and concentration. Everyone has their own uniqueness, yet they still maintain strong connections with one another. 

The role of Internal Engagement in BH is to build a community for our students. We focus on creating events with innovative ideas like socials and retreats to provide a bonding space. Fostering such relationships will lead to a stronger program and build stronger connections within our program. 

Our team is focused on rekindling the bonds between our students especially after the period of virtual learning. We want our students to feel welcomed and comfortable in the program as well as with each other. Additionally, we all want to create fun events for our students to socialize and connect with one another. 

Kurian, Maya.jpg
Maya Kurian

Hello! I am an Accounting Major with a Marketing Minor and I joined BH my freshman year. Apart from BH, I am also a Presidential Scholar, a student assistant in the CSUF Academic Advising Center, and a campus ambassador with Deloitte. I will be starting at Deloitte as a full time Audit Associate in Fall 2022 after I graduate. This accomplishment is due in great part to BH and the access to top tier companies and experiences. That and the super supportive community of fellow students are my favorite parts of BH. We take our core business classes together as a cohort and that has brought me great success as a student and a big group of friends. I am very excited to be leading the Analytics team this year. Our goal is to gather and present information about BH programs at other institutions and our own CSUF BH program to see where we are excelling and where we can improve.

Natalie Kisor
Program Coordinator

My name is Natalie Kisor and I graduated from CSUF in 2020 with my Bachelor's degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing. I have 7 years of professional experience in marketing, leadership, and organizational skills and as the former VP of Communications for the American Marketing Association at CSUF. My favorite thing about working for the Business Honors Program is being able to interact and help the students in the program. The Business Honors students are extremely smart, hardworking and bright individuals. They truly are the core of the program and have successful futures ahead of them. I am confident that they will be offered great career opportunities and will accomplish their career goals post graduation. I am here to help guide them in whichever way I can to help them succeed as young professionals.

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