Dr. Lorenzo Bizzi

I am the director of the Business Honors program and I am very proud to lead the group of the most talented business students here at CSUF. My main goal is to ensure that our students find placement in the top organizations in California and in the USA, to reinforce the reputation of CSUF as a premier university which can compete against any top American school when it comes to the success of its best students. In order to do that, my activities are focused on attracting, developing and retaining the best students in the program, giving them the best skillset and education they can possibly get and delighting them with a memorable experience they will remember forever. I joined the Business Honors program because I think it is the best initiative our college has ever developed and it is my firm motivation to make it stronger every year. What I love about our program is the energy, passion, motivation, dedication and enthusiasm of our students, who are not only academically stellar, but are also demonstrating extraordinary leadership skills. I believe this is just the beginning of our growth and the Business Honors program will become a recognized powerhouse of talents that every top employer will look for to hire a new class of managers that will lead the state and the nation.

Miranda Rehnborg
VP of Public Relations

As Vice President of Public Relations I oversee our three marketing teams to ensure that we are continuing to portray a strong image of our program while creating content and marketing events that help us grow. I wanted to take on this position after serving as the Executive Director of Media Marketing my junior year. After revamping our social media channels and launching the first BH YouTube channel, I knew I wanted to spend my senior year continuing to support marketing efforts for the program. Now as a senior in the program, I am able to reflect on all of my experiences throughout my four years. Business Honors has provided me with some of my best friends in college as well as a group of people who inspire me and push me to reach my potential. From my first Fall Kickoff freshman year to studying abroad with my cohort my junior year, Business Honors has continued to be one of the best parts of my college experience.

Jared Kawamoto
VP of Engagement

As the Vice President of Engagement for the Business Honors Program, I collaborate with the program director and the other Vice Presidents to set the strategic vision and goals for the program. In addition to this, I oversee the execution of engagement events stemmed from two internal engagement committees - Internal Engagement and Special Events. These two committees include events revolving around retreats, social events, and cohort bonding; events that act as the precedent for an amazing program culture. Business Honors has inspired me to reach new heights in both the business and social setting. From making genuine connections with fellow BH students to networking with business executives; Business Honors has provided an inclusive, supportive culture that has since spurred my love for the program and has created a “family” outside of home.

Jayson Djuhana
VP of Student Affairs

I oversee the Recruitment, Community Outreach, and Professional Development project teams in their planning and daily operations, as well as supporting the other Vice Presidents wherever there is a need. I joined the Business Honors Program because of the networking, scholarship, and professional development opportunities it provided. I love that there endless opportunities for expansion and improvement within BH, both for me and the program itself, and going through my college years with the same people I've known since freshman year has been quite the ride. My university experience wouldn't have been nearly as fulfilling and impactful, had it not been for the Business Honors Program.

Asha Bhattacharya
Media Marketing

As the Executive Director of Business Honor's Media Marketing Team, I oversee a team of 14 students in branding the Business Honors Program through media marketing. I lead my team in utilizing Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube to drive marketing for Business Honors throughout the community. Within just two months, our Instagram team has increased its following by 52%, our Facebook and LinkedIn team have increased awareness about BH's professional development opportunities, and our YouTube team has crafted exquisite content that shows the community what Business Honors is all about.


I love Business Honors because it provides me with what I like to call the "holy trinity": outstanding career development, a cohort of driven individuals, and exceptional mentorship.

Jennifer La
Website Marketing

Welcome to this beautiful website! My team and I have worked extremely hard to create the Mihaylo Business Honors student-led site! As the Executive Director for Website, I work with my team to showcase how amazing the Business Honors program. This user-friendly website is dedicated to increase the visibility of the program, inform students about current events, recruit potential new members, and update the Deans/Executive Council about what the students are doing.


I joined BH to be in a career-driven environment and surround myself with other dedicated students. I love this program for the friends that I have made and the long-lasting friendships that I created.

Brandon Sayphraraj
Offline Marketing

My name is Brandon Sayphraraj, and I am the Executive Director of Offline Marketing. I joined the Mihaylo Business Honors Program not only for the prestige, but also for the learning environment. Being surrounded by the top students at the Mihaylo College of Business & Economics inspires me to strive for the best that I can achieve. Furthermore, I love that we move through the program as a cohort. Within a cohort system, you are able to make real, long-lasting connections with your peers which not only increases your professional network, but also makes your college experience more enjoyable. Overall, the Mihaylo Business Honors Program is a great experience because it encourages teamwork, collaboration, networking, friendship, and higher education.

Jorge Castaneda
Professional Development

As Executive Director of Professional Development, my main focus is to prepare our bright students with relevant and valuable insight into the industry of their choosing. My goal is to develop and refine their skills that will ensure their success in interviewing, networking, and beyond. Through communication, feedback, and preparation, it is my desire to have everyone in Business Honors excel in the pursuit of their careers.


I joined Business Honors because of the career opportunities offered, and the privilege of working and studying with some of the brightest and hardest working students Cal State Fullerton has to offer. The relationships I have forged and continue to develop has been one of the most rewarding aspects on being in this program. It is an honor to be a part of this wonderful collection of students.

Xena Mohammad

As the Executive Director of Recruitment, I am tasked with seeking and contacting qualified students from various pipelines to join our exclusive program. Business Honors has given me a second family filled with people who are avid supporters of each other's goals and success. While being a part of this highly selective program, one also gets enjoyable social events, academic perks, and limited class sizes.

Nathaly Soto
Community Outreach

Personal development through community involvement is what we strive to create with the service events that my team and I organize. As future business leaders, we will have the responsibility of being aware of the effects of our decisions on surrounding communities. By offering our help to the surrounding community and the Mihaylo College of Business and Economics, we can show students the importance of giving back and social responsibility.


The Business Honors program equips me with a holistic education in various disciplines of business to succeed in our ever-changing workplace. Being surrounded by some of the brightest Mihaylo students also encourages me to be the best student and professional that I can be. I am incredibly grateful to be part of a program that values student success as much as Business Honors.

Brittney Delgado
Special Events

As the Director of Special Events, I get the honor of planning the Business Honors Wintergala and Banquet with my team. I love my position because I get to help facilitate our theme, decorations, and activities for the event. I enjoy learning about event planning because it can help prepare me for a career.

Samuel La Scala
Internal Engagement

As Executive Director of Internal Engagement, my goal is to offer a variety of fun, bonding opportunities for all of Business Honors to enjoy. The Internal Engagement Committee is one of the hardest working project teams, as we are responsible for creating a Fall and Spring Retreat, as well as once-a-month socials. We strongly emphasize the value of cohort comradery, and we work towards establishing an inviting atmosphere at each of our events to promote meaningful connections.


As a freshman, the Internal Engagement Committee was so welcoming and made me feel valued as a new member of the Business Honors Program. Every committee has a duty to provide applicable business experiences, making the Business Honors Program truly special. This responsibility, combined with the competitiveness of the program, is the perfect environment for students to grow and learn more about themselves socially and professionally.

Samantha Urbina
Student Assistant

My position requires me to assist Katie, our program coordinator with anything she needs. I help update our databases to make sure all of the information is up to date. I help make decisions that will best suit the BH program. I joined BH because of the opportunities and relationships I would gain from the experience. I love the people and the environment of BH. The students are incredible and all very open and welcoming.

Katie Woodhouse
Program Coordinator

I am the Program Coordinator for the Business Honors Program, and I am so humbled and proud to be a leader within this incredible organization. Our students are talented, intelligent, kind, and have aspirations for themselves that inspire me each and every day. My duties involve the day-to-day functions of the Business Honors Program. I serve as an event planner, an academic adviser, an assistant to our director, and a mentor and advocate to all 130 students within the program. It is my utmost goal to ensure that every student feels supported during their journey at both CSUF and within the Business Honors Program. I decided to join this organization because I believe in its mission and standards the program holds itself to. We aim to cultivate job-ready graduates who are leaders, innovators, and active community members, and we strive to better these efforts every day. I love this program because of its students. My job allows me to work closely with students, and I love the interactions we all get to have with one another. It brings me genuine joy to know that the duties I fulfill benefit the students within the program. Our students are filled with energy and passion, and each student brings unique gifts that brings life and positively to the program. Not only do our students demonstrate exemplary intelligence, but they are some of the most involved and campus-oriented leaders at CSUF. The students within the Business Honors Program truly are the leaders of tomorrow. The Business Honors Program is on the threshold of greatness, and I am honored to be part of such a distinguishable organization.

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