Dr. Lorenzo Bizzi

I am the director of the Business Honors program and I am very proud to lead the group of the most talented business students here at CSUF. My main goal is to ensure that our students find placement in the top organizations in California and in the USA, to reinforce the reputation of CSUF as a premier university which can compete against any top American school when it comes to the success of its best students. In order to do that, my activities are focused on attracting, developing and retaining the best students in the program, giving them the best skillset and education they can possibly get and delighting them with a memorable experience they will remember forever. I joined the Business Honors program because I think it is the best initiative our college has ever developed and it is my firm motivation to make it stronger every year. What I love about our program is the energy, passion, motivation, dedication and enthusiasm of our students, who are not only academically stellar, but are also demonstrating extraordinary leadership skills. I believe this is just the beginning of our growth and the Business Honors program will become a recognized powerhouse of talents that every top employer will look for to hire a new class of managers that will lead the state and the nation.

Asha Bhattacharya
VP of Public Relations

I currently serve as the Vice President of Public Relations for Business Honors. In my position as Vice President, I oversee the three marketing teams: Offline, Media, and Website. I joined Business Honors because I wanted to be a part of the "best of the best" at Cal State Fullerton. I knew that the Business Honors Program was a prestigious program that offered its students incredible networking opportunities and professional development skills - who wouldn't want to be a part of that!? There are so many things that I love about Business Honors. As a Business Honors student, I get to learn from the best professors at CSUF's College of Business and Economics, receive guidance from incredibly helpful members, and make friends that will last a lifetime.

Brittney Delgado
VP of Engagement

As the Vice President of Engagement, I get the privilege to collaborate with the program director and other vice presidents to lead the program to success. We strive to achieve program goals, and consistently make the program the best it can be. With that, I oversee two engagement teams - the Special Events team and the Internal Engagement team. I am here to help guide both the directors of each team when they need help leading and planning events. These two committees are in charge of planning the fall and spring retreat, the fall Wintergala, spring banquet, and various social activities. What attracted me to joining the business honors program was the idea of being able to enjoy my courses with a cohort. I liked the idea of working with other motivated students on this college journey to work towards an end goal, getting a career. Being apart of this program has grown my motivation to be successful in the finance industry, given me a supportive family to study with, and helped me reach new heights in my leadership skills.

Xena Mohammad
VP of Student Affairs

As the Vice President of Student Affairs for the Business Honors Program, I collaborate with the program director and the other Vice Presidents to set the strategic vision and goals for the program. In addition to this, I oversee the the team's community outreach, professional development, as well as recruitment. My goal is to ensure the program continues to grow and expand its job opportunities to its members. I joined Business Honors at first to find a community within CSUF that was specialized in my major. Moving forward,  it provided me the opportunities to connect to my job and my closest friends, which I could never be thankful for enough.

Timothy Harris
Media Marketing

My name is Timothy Harris and I am a second-year marketing concentration. As the Executive Director of Media Marketing, I oversee an incredible group of 14 Business Honors students who run our Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube pages to market the program to the school and community. We do this by creating posts and videos that highlight our program's students, events, and accomplishments. My team is not only garnering the attention of future BH applicants, but also top recruiters throughout Southern California.


I joined Business Honors, because the idea of a cohort system and working with a dedicated and passionate group of people throughout my college journey appealed to me. My cohort family always motivates me to go the extra mile! Something that I love about BH is the amount of social events that the Special Events and Internal Engagement teams host, because I love connecting with the other cohorts outside of the classroom!

Jinny Lee
Website Marketing

Hello! I am the current Executive Director for Website, and my team and I work hard to make this a userfriendly site held with informational and fun memories. This website is dedicated to increase the visibility of the BH program inform students about current events, recruit potential new members, and update the Deans/Executive Council about what the students are doing.


When I first joined BH, I wasn't sure what it was going to be like. However, once I joined I realized I was surrounded by dedicated students. I am so glad for the relationships and the opportunities (like this leadership position) I am able to have!

Karissa Dole
Offline Marketing

The goal of the Offline Marketing team is to market Business Honors to the community through creative and “out of the box” campaigns. This year the offline marketing team is focused on building the BHP reputation and recognition throughout Orange County and the state in order to bring more interested companies, develop a deeper recognition for our program throughout the community, and share our students’ unique experiences as BH students to the community.


I joined the Business Honors Program because of the passionate, driven, and supportive community that this program has. Every day, I am inspired by my peers to dream bigger and work harder towards my aspirations. The BHP has given me a family that will always look out for me and help me to achieve my goals. I truly believe that I finally found a group of people who share the same drive that I have to do great things.

Saleem Haider
Professional Development

As Executive Director of Professional Development (PD), the group will be working towards establishing and building a confidence related to business acumen for the students in BH. It is my personal goal that 100% of the program is knowledgeable about the internships and post career opportunities in their area of study. PD will be hosting several events with recruiters in top companies across several different industries, alongside hosting several workshops throughout the year answering student’s direct questions as they relate to recruiting, networking, and their own careers. 


When I joined Business Honors, I was excited to have the opportunity to be a part of an organization that is dedicated to the top ~140 students at a University of 44,000+. I am incredibly grateful for the leadership and development the program has given me, and I look forward to create that same experience for my peers. BH has allowed me to launch my professional career in more then one way and may very well be one of the greatest choices I have ever made regarding my education.

Jonathan Sanchez

As the Executive Director of Recruitment, I work on bringing new students into the Business Honors program. Helping students understand who we are and how we can help them is an important part of this team. We do this by presenting to students and tabling events as well. Business Honors offers a vast array of opportunities for every business student, which was an important reason for joining. Also, being surrounded by likeminded individuals and having those connections through this program is a huge benefit. This program is a great opportunity for me to be able to succeed while in my undergraduate.

Laurence Chau
Community Outreach

The Community Outreach team’s goal is to foster and uplift communities through the engagement of Business Honors members. Here, we will encourage discussions about the actions we can take to generate positive change around us. By hosting collaborative events, we empower Business Honor members to become leaders in their unique ways. All of us have different envisions of change and it is our job to be proactive in guiding and supporting them. 


I joined the Business Honors Program because of the community and resources that it provides to students. Especially since I commute, being given access to the Business Honors room allows me to make new friends and acts as a motivating factor by surrounding myself with talented and driven people. In addition, the program has many events throughout the year including Fall and Spring Retreat, professional development events, and community service events. In other words, plenty of time for having fun while building your career! All these components make up the Business Honors experience which is why I love it so much!

Brittney Delgado
Special Events

As the Director of Special Events, I get the honor of planning the Business Honors Wintergala and Banquet with my team. I love my position because I get to help facilitate our theme, decorations, and activities for the event. I enjoy learning about event planning because it can help prepare me for a career.

Audrey Chau
Internal Engagement

Hello, my name is Audrey Chau, I am the Executive Director of Internal Engagement. I am a junior majoring in marketing with the aspiration to one day work within the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) industry. This year, it is Internal Engagements’ goal to keep Business Honors connected during these difficult times. We will be hosting fun socials, retreats, study sessions, and interest group gatherings. My team and I will put our utmost effort into aiding our program to create memorable opportunities for bonding throughout this year!

Katie Woodhouse
Program Coordinator

I am the Program Coordinator for the Business Honors Program, and I am so humbled and proud to be a leader within this incredible organization. Our students are talented, intelligent, kind, and have aspirations for themselves that inspire me each and every day. My duties involve the day-to-day functions of the Business Honors Program. I serve as an event planner, an academic adviser, an assistant to our director, and a mentor and advocate to all 130 students within the program. It is my utmost goal to ensure that every student feels supported during their journey at both CSUF and within the Business Honors Program. I decided to join this organization because I believe in its mission and standards the program holds itself to. We aim to cultivate job-ready graduates who are leaders, innovators, and active community members, and we strive to better these efforts every day. I love this program because of its students. My job allows me to work closely with students, and I love the interactions we all get to have with one another. It brings me genuine joy to know that the duties I fulfill benefit the students within the program. Our students are filled with energy and passion, and each student brings unique gifts that brings life and positively to the program. Not only do our students demonstrate exemplary intelligence, but they are some of the most involved and campus-oriented leaders at CSUF. The students within the Business Honors Program truly are the leaders of tomorrow. The Business Honors Program is on the threshold of greatness, and I am honored to be part of such a distinguishable organization.