5 Tips for Acing Your Midterms

1) Take care of yourself

- Get a good night of sleep before your exam.

- Stay hydrated and eat a healthy meal to start the day

2) Practice time management for the week

- Organize your exam dates 4-5 days prior

- Prioritize studying difficult subjects first with proper breaks

3) Create study guides highlighting key terms and concepts

- Study tools like flashcards and quizlet help organize information

- Repetition will increase your understanding and retention of the material

4) Ask your peers for help

- Organize study sessions with your classmates

- Utilize office hours for extra help from your professor

5) Choose your study environment wisely

- Make sure you are focused, comfortable, and free from distractions

- Some great locations are a coffee shop, library, or a room in your house

***Remember celebrating comes after exams are done***

Best of luck!

#studyingtips #midterms #education #csufbh

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