A Behind The Scenes Look At BH's New Big/Little Initiative

Business Honors (BH) Steering Committee Members and college seniors Jayson Djuhana, Jared Kawamoto, and Miranda Rehnborg began a new initiative earlier this semester to connect upperclassmen and underclassmen BH students in a more informal and intimate setting. This new plan, called the Big/Little Initiative, was formed as a different approach to mentorship between BH students where genuine friendships could form within the BH program. The initiative received positive responses among BH students, and many signed up to be "Bigs" or "Littles".

The business world fresh out of college can be rough, so this initiative aims to increase the likelihood of genuine friendships forming, Littles receiving relatable mentorship, and Bigs giving back to the BH program by sharing their experience and advice with their Littles.

The Big and Little pairings, inspired by fraternity and sorority systems, were formed through an extensive process spearheaded by Djuhana, Kawamoto, and Rehnborg. They used information that applicants provided on a form such as "personalities, interests, and career goals/objectives, matching Littles with Bigs who had experience in said career aspects, and similar/compatible personalities," according to Djuhana. The only exception made to this was if both Big and Little candidates requested to be matched with each other and had expressed that on their application forms.

This program sounds like a great way for Littles to be more involved in BH and Bigs to be able to give back to the program. We are so excited to see how these Bigs and Littles will grow from their experience in this accessible and fun peer-mentorship program!

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