Asha Bhattacharya: A Force to be Reckoned With

Asha is a third-year President Scholar and Business Honors student at CSUF, majoring in Business Administration with a concentration in Operations and Supply Chain Management and a minor in Digital Marketing. During her time at CSUF, Asha has dedicated her time to school, work, and leadership roles to help herself and others around her grow professionally.

At the end of her high school years, Asha participated in the Miss America Organization when she served as Miss Anaheim 2017 and Miss Placentia’s Outstanding Teen 2016. She was a Goodwill Ambassador of the Children’s Miracle Network (CMN), raised $6,000 for CMN, and visited sick children at her local CMN hospitals. Throughout her years as Miss Anaheim and Miss Placentia’s Outstanding Teen she championed her platform, “Removing the Shame from Mental Illness”, by speaking at college campuses, local charities, and high schools about the importance of seeking help for mental illness. During her time in the Miss America Organization Asha fundraised and made appearances for: The Hearts for Heroes Foundation, Parentis Health Foundation, Women Helping Women Organization, Anaheim Arts District, the National Alliance on Mental Illness, and the With Hope Foundation.

Asha was admitted into CSUF’s Business Honors Program as an incoming freshman. She currently serves as the Executive Director of Business Honor’s Media Marketing Team. As an Executive Director she leads, develops, and manages a team of 14 students in branding the Business Honors Program through various media channels. One of her goals for the Media Marketing Team is to increase followers on Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube, and Facebook by 100% through the implementation of a consistent posting and outreach schedule. Asha and her team have exceeded their goals for the fall semester. She lead the Instagram team in its endeavor to triple its following, and has helped the YouTube Team in revamping its content creation. She has utilized Facebook and LinkedIn to help promote Business Honors students and their endeavors.

Asha currently works as a Senior Resident Advisor (SRA) on campus where she oversees a floor of 50 CSUF residents. She plans, organizes, and promotes events that foster pride, community, engagement, and student learning. As an SRA Asha also acts as a 24-hour responder to drug and alcohol misconduct, Title IX violations, building security issues, sexual misconduct, mental health concerns, and policy violations. It is also her job to mentor, motivate, and coach 15 first year RA’s to ensure community, productivity, and a smooth transition into student leadership and professionalism.

In the Summer of 2019, Asha interned as an HR intern at Ultra Mobile. During her HR internship, Asha helped facilitate the inaugural Summer Intern Mentorship Program among 30 employees to encourage knowledge sharing and career coaching for interns and prospective employees. She successfully onboarded incoming employees, resulting in a 25% increase in new hires. Asha also created exit interview questions and developed a data tracking system to track reasons for termination, resulting in increased efficiency within the offboarding system. After her internship, Asha learned that HR is crucial to the livelihood of all companies, and that “HR is far more than just payroll and employee benefits.” As Asha says, “The HR team at Ultra Mobile really did act as the backbone of its company culture, and helped to create an environment that fostered productivity and engagement within the company.” Now, Asha will be interning at Amazon as an Area Manager Intern for this coming Summer 2020.

Asha is a strong, independent university student who enjoys being involved and makes an impact on others. She has a passion for connection and helping others grow, so don’t be afraid to ask her out for a cup of coffee!

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