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Business Honors Winter 2020 Study abroad

Hello! My name is Sasha Ramirez and I have been in the Business Honors Program since my sophomore year of college in 2018. After my first semester in the program , I started hearing about the exciting adventures that the junior cohort had taken during their study abroad program. I was delighted to learn about all the benefits that came with the study abroad, like being able to go with my cohort, being taught by our Business Honors director, and being provided with a scholarship to reduce the pressure of cost. Once the cohort ahead of us had gone and returned, my cohort knew our time to go was close. The application rolled out soon after, then the payments began, then we added the class to our student portals, and finally, the day had come. On January 2nd about 30 of us CSUF BH students went to the LAX airport to board a direct flight to Madrid, Spain.

The trip itinerary was simple. We would be in Madrid, Spain for 5 days then Sorrento, Italy for 4 days and Athens, Greece for 5 days. Once we arrived in Madrid and drove to our hotel, the feeling of being abroad really set in. All the buildings had so much history and details in their architecture, it was so unlike anything in Southern California. The city was bustling with new smells, sounds, and faces. The atmosphere was filled with a sense of excitement and new possibilities of what was to come.

In Madrid we visited Renfe, which is the sole provider of all high speed railings and trains in Spain. In addition to teaching us about their business model, this company also allowed us to try the simulators that are used to train their drivers. Hearing from a major company that provides public services was so interesting and inspires us students to do the same. The second tour we had was of CBRE, a commercial real estate company that designed and marketed different areas of land and buildings in Spain. The most interesting thing about CBRE was their work culture and modern adaptations to help enhance employee performance. We were able to ask the executive director of the company about Spain’s real estate industry and how it affects the economy. CBRE’s cutting edge business model and friendly atmosphere left us feeling inspired and motivated to work in a company of such high caliber in the future.

Jumping to our time in Greece, we visited one more company, called Cosco. This company was stationed at the port of Athens. We learned that Cosco is extremely important to the financial growth and stability of Greece. We learned about the history of the port they operate as well as the changes that have been implementing to stay current. We even got to drive around the port as colossal containers of goods were being loaded on boats around us.

Overall, the BH 2020 study abroad trip was a success. I believe that all the students learned and gained new experiences that will be with them forever. If you would like to see more of what the trip was like click the video links below! One of our BH students, Asha Bhattacharya, vlogged throughout the time there and created videos that show more of what the trip looked like as a student. Thank you for reading!

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