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Is Jared Kawamoto More Well Rounded Than a Circle? (BH Student Spotlight)

Resilient. Determined. Ambitious. Three simple words that senior Jared Kawamoto brings to life. 

Growing up in Hacienda Heights, California, Jared always kept himself busy. From learning three instruments to picking up a number of sports, Jared’s self-motivation stems from his childhood. The latter influenced his decision to work with the Los Angeles Clippers in Game Night Sales, where he learned how to publicly articulate promotions to generate sales. 

While working with the Clippers, Jared also worked at Chick-Fil-A, transferring Chick-Fil-A’s value in customer service and exceeding expectations to his internship with Amazon. As Amazon’s Area Manager Intern, Jared individually communicated with 60 associates daily about progress and overall growth, in addition to presenting daily reports to upper management. While building his communication skills, he was also an instrumental member of a team that created a plan that edited an audit that would improve Amazon’s efficiency and quality, at the same time as saving an estimated $527,000 for the company. 

As a college student, many get caught up in one aspect of their life. However, Jared is as well-rounded as they come. Currently the Vice President of the rigorous Business Honors Program, Jared leads the scholars of Mihaylo College of Business and Economics to success while cultivating a positive culture. In addition, he is Secretary of the Sigma Pi Fraternity, where he has adapted to working alongside an extremely diverse group of gentlemen.


While developing his academic and social self, he also learned about himself, more specifically his Japanese culture, as a member of the Nikkei Student Union. Not only did he learn about his personal culture during his college career, but he studied abroad with the Business Honors Program in London, Paris, and Rome, immersing himself in European culture. In his time abroad, he visited numerous companies where he got an insight into strategy, growth, and supply chain of a company operating in Europe.

After graduation, Jared hopes to be applying his B.A. in Business Administration with a concentration in Operations and Supply Management in an operations career at a corporation. He hopes to become the Vice President of Corporate Strategy/Operations at a company in the future. 

Next time you are looking for some inspiration on how to become the best version of yourself, reach out to Jared Kawamoto. Sit down, grab a cup of tea, and learn something new from this scholar.

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