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Jayson Djuhana's Journey Through College and Into the Business Professional World

Jayson Djuhana is a hard worker that continuously strives to improve himself as a student and professional. 

Jayson grew up in Rowland Heights and has been able to make the most out of any opportunities that cross him. Throughout his time in college, Jayson has gone through two internships one with Boeing and the other with PepsiCo. During his time with Boeing, he was able to learn about the corporate side of human resources and recruiting. This internship took place in Seattle, Washington and was concentrated in Human Resources, specifically college recruitment. Other things he learned during his time with Boeing were strategies of recruitment that major fortune 50 companies utilize to attract, recruit, and retain talent in one of the largest industries in the world. He spent time at college recruitment fairs, diversity recruitment fairs, and registered Boeing to recruit on different campuses nationwide. Lastly, he also learned how to interview others and what to look for in potential candidates. 

During his time with PepsiCo, Jayson was a supply chain intern and worked in multiple areas including logistics, distribution, and transportation. With PepsiCo, Jayson had his first experience in optimizing and streamlining processes to allow a business to run more efficiently. He learned things from how chips were made to how PepsiCo successfully owns and operated various multi-billion dollar brands. Other things he learned were how to adopt an improvement-seeking mindset that he is now able to apply to any role that he may have in the future. 

After these internships, Jayson decided to continue to pursue a supply chain career and has even accepted a full-time offer as a facilities operations manager at PepsiCo. He recalls that during his three months at PepsiCo he was able to impact the company by saving them millions of dollars by adopting a procurement and logistics strategy that will continue in the company for the next two decades. This experience allowed him to be more invested in PepsiCo and led to the full-time offer he received. However, all of these things are yet to come. Currently, Jayson is heavily involved in a wide array of activities and programs on campus.

Jayson is the Vice President of Student Affairs for the Business Honors Program, previously the Executive Director of the Recruitment team and a Project Lead for the Business Program. He is also currently the Recruitment Chair for the Sigma Pi Fraternity on campus and has been for the last three semesters. He has also spent time on the Board of Directors of the Society of Excellence in Human Resources (SEHR) as a Business Inter-Club Council (BICC) Representative. Some other accomplishments include being selected as Forbes Under 30 Scholars and attending their summit in Detroit. As well as getting accepted into Boeing’s Accelerated Student Experience Program, which had an acceptance rate of 4% from a nationwide pool of 1200 students.

Outside of all of this, you can find Jayson enjoying Muy Thai Kickboxing, running his Doberman pinscher, watching Anaheim Ducks hockey, and attending music festivals/concerts. You can also find him enjoying one of his favorite movies Inception, the Dark Knight Trilogy, or The Prestige. All in all, Jayson is a very well-rounded student and professional and it has been a pleasure for CSUF Business Honors to be involved in his journey. 

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