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Riley Duncan Finds Inspiration In All The Little Things

If you have never had the pleasure of meeting Riley Duncan, let us be the first to introduce you to this insanely hard-working senior. We can’t quite put our finger on what makes him so special, but read this and you can decide for yourself. 

As a finance major, Riley has been preparing to enter the financial services industry by getting his foot in the door wherever he could. Throughout his college journey, he worked as a Communications Associate for Miramontes Capital, a retirement planning firm. At this role, he communicated with potential clients and assisted in closing client deals. In his junior year, Riley acted as California State University, Fullerton Associated Student, Inc’s Titan Student Centers Board of Trustees Chair where he led a student government board that oversaw a $20 Million budget and multiple campus facilities. 

To top it all off, over the summer Riley was a finance intern at Boeing Capital Corporation where he worked alongside financial professionals to develop, forecast, and report Operating Expense budgets. In his time there, Riley uncovered a $500,000 cost reporting discrepancy which significantly threw off cost forecasting, eliminating a major risk factor that helped Boeing avoid overspending a huge amount of money. In addition to his contributions on that team, he also performed economic analysis to develop a “recession dashboard” to help the leadership team gain insight into economic risks. 

When he isn’t saving hundreds of thousands of dollars for a billion-dollar corporation, Riley loves immersing himself into nature. He firmly believes that everyone should try to spend more time out in the true wilderness, where one is “forced to realize how powerful and beautiful our planet truly is”. Even when he isn’t in nature, Riley is amazed by all of the small things in life. On his study abroad trip with Business Honors last year, Riley absolutely fell in love with Rome. He adores the narrow brick alleys draped in vines, the warm pastel buildings reflecting the sun’s light onto ancient fountains, and the city itself, littered with ruins of civilizations past. The small things are what speak to Riley, and his attention to all the little details are what make him so inquisitive, observational, and humorous. In a moment’s notice, Riley can read a crowd and perform improv comedy in front of a large audience because he is just so in tune with exploring the little things in life. 

Throughout all of his experiences, Riley has learned many things that he will carry into his professional career. He shared that “You will never realize how much you can grow until you put yourself in a position where you’re uncomfortable and, in my case, absolutely terrified of screwing up. Surrounding yourself with people better than you will most definitely make you better, and that’s where you should aim to be!”


Now that you know a bit about him, we suggest messaging Riley and inviting him out for some waffles. At only 22, we predict in a few years he’ll be on Forbes’ 30 Under 30 List, and you definitely don’t want to miss out on an opportunity to say you personally know THE Riley Duncan. 

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