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Samantha Urbina Strives for Success

Samantha Urbina is constantly challenging herself and growing, both personally and professionally.

Growing up in Rosemead, CA, Samantha viewed her Dad as her role model. He shaped her into a kind hearted, respectful young woman. She saw the compassion her father held for others and it became a core part of herself. Samantha’s father always encouraged her to exceed expectations to get optimal results. 

Samantha is currently working as the Business Honors Program Student Assistant. She helps do administrative work ensuring that the Business Honors Program runs smoothly. Her daily workload includes keeping track of plans, executing said plans, following-up on events, and pitching ideas that she believes will benefit the students in the program, all while being a key member in this rigorous program. She also works to connect with alumni to help keep them engaged with this program. Samantha has learned a lot from this experience including how to stay organized in an extremely high paced environment, engage and encourage students to participate in events, as well as listening to the students about ways to improve the program. 

In addition to her heavy involvement with Business Honors, Samantha is also the Treasurer of the Abrego Future Scholars Student Association and an avid member of both the Finance Association and the Yoga Club. She has learned from these organizations how to interact with different types of people and has stepped out of her comfort zone. Extending her view of the world has been one of the best decisions of her life and has allowed her to learn how to contribute different ideas while learning from others’ way of thinking. 

In her free time, you can find Samantha with her dogs, teaching them various tricks, or watching her favorite movie, South Paw. In the future, Samantha plans on applying her B.A in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance at her dream job as a Financial Advisor at a corporation she enjoys working for. 

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