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Senior Gabrielle Mihele's BH Journey 

As a Business Administration major with a concentration in Human Resources Management and a minor in Psychology, Gabrielle Mihele, Class of 2020, has joined the Business Honors program since her freshman year. She has grown professionally, academically, and personally throughout her 3 and a half years thus far and likes to thank the BH program for being a part of that.

Mihele enjoyed getting marketing experience in her first two years on the external marketing team. In her freshman year, she was the social media lead. In her sophomore year, she was the Before I Die Wall (BIDW) lead, an event the program puts up every school year for students of all majors to write their dreams, aspirations, and items on their bucket list. For her last two years, she has helped contribute in creating BH's very own website. Through her leadership roles in the program, Mihele is appreciative of BH and is happy to have aided in creating more visibility for the BH program through the use of social media, BIDW, and BH website to future students interested in business.

Her most memorable BH memory was earning the Academic Excellence Award as a freshman at the 2017 BH Awards Banquet. As a humble and determined person she is, Mihele was completely surprised for the award, which exemplifies the student in a specific cohort class who has taken the most units and received the best overall GPA. Mihele channeled her dedication and hard work into her academics, starting her college career strong.

With great academics, Mihele continues to excel and landed an amazing opportunity as a Strategic Partnerships Intern at Girl Scouts of Orange County in her senior year, Fall 2019. She was able to work on a project that allowed her to meet with different departments, complete a report, and present that report to the CEO. She has gained valuable skills and knowledge from the organization to further her aspirations and dreams. She is grateful for all the people she has met at the organization who were extremely kind and supportive during her time there, helping Mihele further develop her professional and social skills.

As Mihele finishes her final semester in her undergrad career, she believes she is ready to take on the real world, thanks to BH and the opportunities she has received at CSUF, both within BH and her other clubs she was a part of. A quote she lives by and like to share with others is, “If I am worth anything later, I am worth something now. For wheat is wheat, even if people think it is a grass in the beginning.” by Vincent Van Gogh. An amazing and positive message for all to know and see oneself. Positive self-reflection and self-worth! Can't wait to see where Mihele goes from here! We are very fortunate to have her in the BH program and is excited to see where she leads! Titan and BH proud!

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