Taking the Initiative with Jonathan Sanchez!

For this month’s Student Spotlight, we are ecstatic to feature our aspiring freshman concentrating in accounting and finance, Jonathan Sanchez! Not long after starting college, Jonathan has proactively been seeking opportunities on and off campus to develop his skills and broaden his interests. He has recently accepted a 2020 Pioneer internship offer with Deloitte and is looking forward to developing closer relationships with the Business Honors family.

Prior to accepting his Deloitte internship, Jonathan has had an amazing experience working as a marketing intern for the Downey Federal Credit Union. His main objective was to promote the use and benefits of savings accounts to children at a young age through a collaboration with Berenstain Bears, a popular children’s literature franchise. After attending many different city events with the credit union, Jonathan had not only a great time working with kids but he also discovered his immense passion to help people in his career. Jonathan is also very excited to dive right into his next internship, which is starting this summer in Los Angeles with Deloitte. Just some of the experiences he is anticipating include learning more about careers in accounting and shadowing current associates and their day to day activities.

As a proud student representing the Mihaylo Business Honors Program, Jonathan has quickly fit himself right in with everyone and enjoyed finding new relationships with like minded, driven individuals. After a semester in Business Honors, he stated, “My favorite moment in Business Honors so far is getting to know more about each and every person, because each person I’ve met has taught me something new and different to help me grow as a person.” As a member of Accounting Society, Jonathan has also picked up the skills of networking early in his college career. He has taken the initiative to attend many Accounting society professional Accounting based recruiting events, such as Meet the Firms, in an effort to learn more about careers in accounting. This early exposure to recruiters is also the perfect strategy when looking for internship opportunities and practicing simple networking skills in a professional environment.

As a student, Jonathan loves to travel, go to concerts, play video games, and watch movies. As an individual, he has always kept his family close, as they have helped him show great value in living and guided him to where he is today. With a positive, confident, and driven mindset, Jonathan is always ready to learn and is looking forward to making more memorable experiences with Business Honors in the future!

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