Talking with the Creators of the Business Honors Discord

The Business Honors Discord has been something so special to the students in honors this year, as it allows us to connect in new ways when we can’t physically see each other. Here is what two of the creators, Sydney Lee and Cristian Sanchez, had to say about the creation of this discord.

“We actually made the BH Discord last year for the 2023 cohort to chat in. However, it did not become our main form of communication until the COVID-19 pandemic happened. Since we couldn’t see each other in person, we started using the Discord server to have game nights and study sessions. Once more people in BH started joining, we knew we wanted to share it with all of Business Honors as a virtual BH Room. Cristian Sanchez, Matt Lee, and I worked to create channels that BH students would enjoy, such as their BH specific classes, cohort chats, and interest channels.

We use Discord Bots that help us implement fun features! For example, there’s a Birthday Bot that will announce if a BH Student has a birthday. We are still constantly improving the server and adding new features to it. Although there is a learning curve with the Discord platform, we have provided video guides and ways to get help from the moderators. We want to make it easily accessible for all of BH to join!

The most active channel is the BH Room voice channel, where students frequent after classes and even into the late night. On-campus, the BH Room was a place where Business Honors students could study and mingle with each other. Seeing people active in the Discord server means a lot to me as it reminds me of my own BH Room memories. It’s great to see that we are making an effort to connect with our peers in these tough times. Even Dr. Bizzi has joined and chats with students once in a while! I hope that even throughout this year of virtual learning, the Business Honors program can remain as tight-knit as it was before with the help of the Discord server.” - (Sydney Lee)

"We always had this discord lying around thanks to Matt Lee, we rarely ever touched it though since we had our other cohort group chats and never found a need for it. We were all still trying to get more comfortable with each other as well anyway, but now with school being online it just felt like it needed a revival. We noticed some of us were missing each other dearly and the idea just kept popping up in the back of our heads about how great the discord would be. At first, it was just jokingly mentioned but one day I just really felt the need to get my hands on it. I asked Matt if I could get permissions to work on stuff for the server and it all started from there.

Over the summer there was a CSUF discord created called CSUF Connecting which now features a total of 900 CSUF students. I joined this server when it was around 40 people and noticed there was only one person working on it. My only experience moderating channels of communication or game networks has been on Minecraft, that was also my only "coding" experience as well. Nonetheless, I reached out to the person working on it and asked if I could help, I then became one of the first moderators and am still the senior moderator there today. We underwent many changes and edits to the server which featured many hours of troubleshooting and figuring out what would be best for a student-based community on discord. After all this hard work and trial & error, I realized that I was capable of creating a server from the ground up. This was exactly what I decided to do for Business Honors.

With the help of Matt and Sydney, we were able to have the fully functioning server you see today. There were many hours put into this project and we are so happy to see how many people frequent the various channels provided. We are constantly implementing new features and troubleshooting problems with the third-party bots we have who help us add unique flavoring to the server. One of the loveliest things about the server is that it is a very valuable learning experience for anyone interested in computers and is helping with the behind-the-scenes of the server. There is also a lot of management and ordered decision making not visible to the regular user. This little project might be very useful to students regardless of their major.

In the future, I hope we can somehow implement a project team that works on this to keep it alive after COVID. It would be fantastic to have a universal location for BH socializing outside of class. I would also love to train more people in my experience in moderating and creating servers as I am now a moderator/admin for 4 servers. 3 of which are for CSUF students only. I also hope we can host workshops or find ways to teach students how to use discord since there is a learning curve that many students are unfamiliar with. and can find it confusing to navigate. Our efforts are geared towards making it as simple to process and use as possible and we hope to see more cohorts interacting and making suggestions." - (Cristian Sanchez)

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