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The Man, The Myth, The Legend: Hung Lu!

Dr. Hung Lu, better known as Richard, is the only accounting professor selected to instruct our prestigious Business Honors Students. With many of our Business Honors accounting majors finding themselves among the Big Four, he has made immense contributions to our student’s successes.

Lu was very resourceful with what he had and has worked tirelessly to get to where he is now. He initially pursued a math degree at a local Taiwanese University, but after serving for the army for some time, he decided to move to America in search of better opportunities. Despite the linguistic and cultural barriers faced as an international student, Lu was able to make ends meet and obtain his master’s degree in accounting at Ohio State University and later his Ph.D at the University of Florida in 2009. Funny enough, he completed all of his undergraduate units here at CSUF before moving to Ohio. Along the way, he learned many important lessons about what it’s like to live in the real world on your own. In retrospect, Lu would describe college as; “a place where you sharpen your knives so that you can use them in the real world”.

Immediately after he earned his Ph.D, Dr. Lu moved back to California to teach accounting at California State University, Fullerton. He always tells his students that this will be his first and last real job. Since the inception of the Business Honors Program in 2013, Lu has been guiding our students through the difficult and mandatory Financial (201A) and Managerial (201B) Accounting courses specifically for Business Honors students. Professor Lu not only enjoys teaching the Business Honors students, but he continues to develop close relationships with CSUF Accounting alumni. As Hung Lu says, “It’s great to see where my students go, after all that they do and what they’ve been through”.

Hung Lu’s advice to both incoming and current students is to constantly look towards your future goals and prepare for the real world. In the end, Lu explains how all students are just trying to compete for their position in the global economy and firms will hire those who are “willing to do anything to get the job”. He suggests that students should always keep themselves busy, whether you are seeking job experience or a club position, because “everything you do will strengthen your mental toughness”.

Furthering his love of California State University, he loves to spend his time in the Student Recreation Center playing basketball pickup games, taking yoga class, and swimming. Outside of campus, he loves beating all of his friends at mahjong and spending time with his son, also named Hung Lu. If you ever want to work out with him, you can most likely find him at the SRC on Sundays. Don’t hesitate to drop by his office and get to know him better! Maybe he’ll sneak some mahjong tips your way.

Stay tuned for another Professor Spotlight on another of our Business Honors professors next month!

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