Saleem Haider
Professional Development

As Executive Director of Professional Development (PD), the group will be working towards establishing and building a confidence related to business acumen for the students in BH. It is my personal goal that 100% of the program is knowledgeable about the internships and post career opportunities in their area of study. PD will be hosting several events with recruiters in top companies across several different industries, alongside hosting several workshops throughout the year answering student’s direct questions as they relate to recruiting, networking, and their own careers. 


When I joined Business Honors, I was excited to have the opportunity to be a part of an organization that is dedicated to the top ~140 students at a University of 44,000+. I am incredibly grateful for the leadership and development the program has given me, and I look forward to create that same experience for my peers. BH has allowed me to launch my professional career in more then one way and may very well be one of the greatest choices I have ever made regarding my education.