Business Honors' Professional Events offers the best opportunities for high achieving Business Administration undergraduates comparable to the top academic institutions of the country through exclusive recruitment, professional development opportunities and a built in networking base.


Fall 2019


The Google recruiters discussed how to write a creative brief. They also described their BOLD internship for all of our Business Honors Juniors! Be sure to apply!

During the Google for BH event, students had the exclusive opportunity to network and interact with recruiters and a few employees from GOOGLE. 

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Fall 2019

The Central Intelligent Agency came to BH to discuss their internship and job opportunities! One of the many perks of being a Business Honors Student is the exclusive presentations offered.

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Insider Industries #2

Spring 2021

Exclusive meeting with five Business Honors alumni, hosted in a panel-style information session with a Q&A time. Alumni from Walt Disney, Boeing, Investment Banking at JP Morgan, Paramount Pictures, and Deloitte Consulting were present

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During this session the professionals spoke about their experiences within their companies, and shared how their time in Business Honors assisted in their success in their careers. Current Business Honors students were able to make connections with the alumni while asking direct questions and getting personal answers.