Katie Woodhouse
Program Coordinator

I am the Program Coordinator for the Business Honors Program, and I am so humbled and proud to be a leader within this incredible organization. Our students are talented, intelligent, kind, and have aspirations for themselves that inspire me each and every day. My duties involve the day-to-day functions of the Business Honors Program. I serve as an event planner, an academic adviser, an assistant to our director, and a mentor and advocate to all 130 students within the program. It is my utmost goal to ensure that every student feels supported during their journey at both CSUF and within the Business Honors Program. I decided to join this organization because I believe in its mission and standards the program holds itself to. We aim to cultivate job-ready graduates who are leaders, innovators, and active community members, and we strive to better these efforts every day. I love this program because of its students. My job allows me to work closely with students, and I love the interactions we all get to have with one another. It brings me genuine joy to know that the duties I fulfill benefit the students within the program. Our students are filled with energy and passion, and each student brings unique gifts that brings life and positively to the program. Not only do our students demonstrate exemplary intelligence, but they are some of the most involved and campus-oriented leaders at CSUF. The students within the Business Honors Program truly are the leaders of tomorrow. The Business Honors Program is on the threshold of greatness, and I am honored to be part of such a distinguishable organization.