Business Honors' Special Events have become traditions we continue to hold to strengthen bonds among Business Honors students and provide a sense of community for all students of the Mihaylo College of Business. 


Fall 2021


The Business Honors’ Kickoff signaled the start of the 2021-2022 school year! Old and new BH students connected and developed their team-building skills together in exciting activities throughout the day.

Students got a chance to meet Dr. Bizzi, the BH Leadership team, and Dr. Sundaram, the new dean of the College for Business and Economics. Teams had their creativity put to the test when they presented an advertisement based on three random words.  



Fall 2021


During this event, as hosted in the College of Business and Economics Courtyard, students were encouraged to write down their goals and aspirations upon this wall.

Whether it would be to enact societal change, become an influencer, or travel the globe, this wall displayed a variety of student's hopes and dreams as they look to conquer the onsets of Covid-19. 

Fall 2021


The Winter Gala is one of the largest Business Honors events of the year. During the Winter Gala, Business Honors students spent the night meeting new members and reconnecting with returning members. 


BH students danced, mingled, laughed, and participated in a scavenger hunt which contributed to the fun of the night. Additionally, there was an awards ceremony where BH members nominated other students for awards which were presented at the gala. 

Big/Little Reveal

Spring 2021

At the Big/Little Reveal, juniors and seniors take freshmen and sophomores under their wing to help them navigate their academic and professional careers.

Karissa Dole Big/Little 2021.jpg
Alexis Rodriguez Big Little 2021.jpg

Lifelong bonds are formed as Bigs and Littles meet for the first time. The surprises are sweetened by gifts from the upperclassmen and from the cheers of their cohorts!

Fall Retreat 

Fall 2021

At our annual Fall Retreat, our Business Honors students participated in a series of games to see who can be the first to the finish line. Members played games such as red light green light and photo scavenger hunt.


With all cohorts being on separate teams, this helped new members connect and become a team with other students. 

Spring Retreat 

Spring 2022

Our Business Honors Students were able to mingle closer with their cohort by acting out movie scenes with a variety of characters. Cohorts were judged on a basis of creativity and humor, allowing members to bond collectively as a team.

bh 2.jpg
bh 1.jpg

Members were also able to judge other cohorts on their movie scene. Laughter and lasting memories were made as cohorts acted out hilarious scenes from movies such as Avengers, Mean Girls, and Ghost Busters.

Spring Banquet

Spring 2022


The Business Honors Program hosted a wonderful banquet to commemorate the achievements and efforts of the students and staff. 

With all cohorts in attendance, many students enjoyed a delicious dinner and treats, to accompany the many awards presented.

This banquet also had given students the opportunity to relax and make more memories as the spring semester is coming to an end. 

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