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Connor Joe
Special Events & Wellness

Hello! My name is Connor Joe, and I am currently heading into my 4th year in the Business Honors Program and this year’s Executive Director of Special Events & Wellness. The Special Events & Wellness Team oversees planning events such as the Winter Gala in Fall and the end-of-year Banquet in Spring. Additionally, this team puts events together during the semesters related to wellness and activities that intermingle all the cohorts. My plan this year is to have a smooth transition back to in-person activities while also cultivating a fun and safe environment for everyone.

When initially applying for colleges, I wanted to see what type of opportunities the programs offered to their business undergraduates. I was immediately attracted to BH not only to their alumni success but to the various advantages BH students receive, such as scholarships, priority registration, smaller class sizes, etc. Although BH has helped me excel scholarly, my favorite thing about BH is the people in it. I have met so many new people who I consider my closest friends! There is always someone in the program with similar interests as you and is always willing to help, which is why I think the program fosters a great sense of community.

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